Book of Marty

2 Dec 16

Fixed lots of bugs. App released. got my tablet. Remembered how useles windows is. Went to watch tv but got distracted by video games.
Book of Marty

1 Dec 16

Did not stay home. Went in. Had a meeting. Went to lunch. Had another meeting. Got more done than expected.
Got a bunch of packages. Missed two big important ones.
Decided I WOULD start a newsletter. Or at least let people subscribe in case I ever send one out. Im not posting the link to twitter or facebook, but LiveJournal seems safe enough. Cough.

Staying home tomorrow. Reviewing bugs, poking at things, resting.
Book of Marty

30 Nov 16

Stayed home sick but did not get a sick day. Between a half hour meeting that ended up taking two hours and my boss wanting a big fixed, I worked from about 10 to 15 or 16. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.
Book of Marty

29 Nov 16

Meetings then home early because I wasn't feeling well. Went to bed for as long as I could stand then went downstairs to install a new wifi AP and watch Adam Ruins Everything. Also started setting up a PINE64 to be a tor exit node.
Book of Marty


Started to post last night and got distracted. Uh... work stuff. New tablet shipped. Sonoses arrived. Remounted iPad arm on bed.
Book of Marty

24 Nov '16

Spent a good chunk of the day getting a tiny VoCore computer set up to be a tor middlebox. Semi-bricked my BlackSwift doing the same.. need to get a usb/uart adapter to get into the serial console and fix it.

found the old house was unlocked, front and back, the garage remote is awol, and we've got squatters in the gazebo. Which is just awesome.
Book of Marty

23 Nov 16

Adrian's last day at work. Started a major database backfill. Not much else.

Tried a new place for dinner. Was pretty good.