Book of Marty

27 dec 16

woke up at 4. Had breakfast at Pancake Haus at 6. In the office a touch after 7. Left at a quarter to noon because I was feeling nauseous. Spent the afternoon in bed. Got up for dinner, ate a tiny bit, then threw up. YAY!

Meanwhile: New laptop has arrived. It's name is Rastaban. Still working on getting it set up and all my data copied over.
Book of Marty

26 Dec '16

slept until almost 10! oh happy day. hopefully I can do it again.
Played more factorio. went to get pizza. more factorio.
I seem to be /mostly/ better, but my lungs are still crunchy and I still have an annoying cough. Ah well.
Book of Marty

25 Dec 16

Woke up at three. Snoozed, slept again until 5, then 6. Got up. Played video games for ... quite a lot of hours. Very cold in the basement but I got back into Factorio. Then dinner then more Factorio now bed.
Book of Marty

24 Dec '16

About 50% better. I've been able to breathe thru both nostrils for about 70% of the day.
Went to the post office to sort out an issue with mail delivery, then had lunch at Claire's, because Hamburger Harry's was closed. Then home. Managed to get some work done on Convivius. First code I've been able to write - or even read without going crosseyed - all week. Then crashed hard. A week of <6hr of sleep per night, and two nights in a row of <4, all without apparently having any issues during the day, finally caught up with me. Actually slept a bit today, which you may recall is not a thing I can usually do. Just finished dinner. Probably going to try to go to sleep again now.
Book of Marty

22 Dec 16

Tried to work. Mostly didn't.
House stuffed happened. And continues happening. Some good some not. We'll see how it goes.
Book of Marty

19 Dec '16

some work stuff. left early to see rogue one in 3d imax at alderwood. was great.
then dinner at red lantern.

coughing a lot. gunk in the lungs. not good.
Book of Marty

18 Dec 16

Some video games. Cookie party.
This evening's entertainment was reading all of Freakangels while laying at an unfortunate angle, resulting in a massive headache just in time for bed.