Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Money here, money there.

I want to buy an iPod. But, instead of doing that, I moved all my spare money into my savings account. We (read 'I') now have about $900 saved up for the hot tub enclosure. I need about $6000 to pay it off completely, and if I finance it, I'd like it to be for as litttle as possible (given we're still paying on the windows, and loree's got a car payment now, and etc etc etc).

And then, somebody on the for-sale list at work is offering a Fiat. I don't need another car, I have better things to spend money on, but it's a FIAT. Most of you may not understand what this means. Those of you who do, I trust you understand the pain that comes with not buying a Fiat that is suddenly available, in working condition, and cheap.

Anybody want to make a substantive donation to the gazebo fund?
Tags: hottub, money, moo
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