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Grocery stores when hungry

I needed some soda so I went across the street to Uwajimaya. On walking in the door, I decided I should look for lunch too, and ended up getting apples.
3.4 pounds of Fujis; washington fujis, not huge but decently sized, and in good condition.

They had several other types, and I browsed, just for the hell of it.
They had a bunch of gravensteins, but they were in poor condition.
They had some very large apples, one type called Honey Crisp, one called Sakiichi.
I bought one of each. 1.09# for the Sakiichi! only .92 for the HC.

The Honey Crisp is very aptly named. It's got a lot of the qualities of a fuji, too. Most breeds of apple tend to be weak in flavor when they get this big. This isn't. It's got a good, dense flesh, it's crunchy, and it's dangerously sweet, with just a HINT of tartness - if you take enough bites quickly enough, the tartness will hit you.

The Sakiichi, on the other hand, was disappointing. The flesh was soft - tho I won't go so far as to say mealy. The taste was not as weak as most other varieties would be at this size, but neither was it strong or exceptionally good. I can't recommend it.
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