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58. Tui
The Joyous, Lake

31. Hsien
Influence (Wooing)

38. K'uei

58. Tui / The Joyous, Lake
Friends get together to smile and live happily.
Steadfastness and perseverance in reuniting with friends, relative, and colleagues, happily and lightheartedly, repels thoughts, worries, and afflictions, leading to a wave of optimism and hope.
31. Hsien / Influence (Wooing)
Heaven and earth are in concordant attraction; harmony and peace therefor ensue.
Opposites attract and complement each other: man and woman, weakness and strength, high-spirited and meditative. Attractions provoke long-lasting unions such as friendships, alliances, contracts, marriages, and loves.
38. K'uei / Opposition
Although the wind is not favorable, success will be found in the little things.
Great division exists between all living beings who sow discord, misunderstanding, and distrust. Opposition is strong but not insuperable. Participating in the restoration of harmony, even through small acts, is advisable.
Tags: prognostication
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