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Yet Another Reading

A. The pyramid for consulting the future.
Lay six cards out vertically in the shape of a pyramid. One at the top, two at the center, and three in the third row. The individual card refers to the querient's starting situation. The two center cards foretell the road to embark. The last three indicate the course that is projected into the future.
Turn over the cards one at a time, reading the responses one by one. For the second and third row, also read them all in a row; that is, one response after another.

29. K'an
The Abysmal (Water)

44. Kou
Coming to Meet

21. Shih Ho
Biting Through

26. Ta Ch'u
The Taming Power of the Great

16. Yu

25. Wu Wang
Innocence (The Unexpected)

29. K'an / The Abysmal (Water)
Confront obstacles while maintqaining clarity and readiness.
Determination will be advantageous for confronting dangers and defending oneself from perils that lie in wait. If the heart is sincere and the mind clear, the action will be rewarded with victory.
44. Kou / Coming to Meet
Distractions, escapes, and infatuations could create illusory and unpleasant situations.
In order to prevent stumbling, taking precautions, reflecting, and analyzing current circumstances is advisable. Do not establish ties, agreements, or alliances unless they are well-considered.
21. Shih Ho / Biting Through
To put things back in order, the obstacles must be eliminated.
Problems must be confronted and overcome with steadfastness and absolute strictness. Then balance as well as domestic, love, sentimental, and social understandings will be restored.
26. Ta Ch'u / The Taming Power of the Great
Esteem, benefits, and merit will reward the magnanimous.
Experience and knowledge accumulated through strength of mind and commitment will favor appearance of an opportunity, for an assignment or an important change in life, which should not be ignored.
16. Yu / Enthusiasm
Confidently trusting in the course of events will bring advantages.
Optimism and the willingness to form new relationships and friendships founded on trust in others, will lead to sentimental and social fulfillment and professional assignments of responsility.
25. Wu Wang / Innocence (The Unexpected)
Behaving properly will prevent error.
It would be worthwhile to review one's own behaviour and correct it in order to make amends for committed mistakes. With a straightforward and open mind, the hoped-for results will be achieved.
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