Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Radio Vox Populi is dead. Long live Radio Vox Populi.

Most of the stuff I read on the internet (that isn't job related) is news, usually pointed to by somebody. Mostly meaningless drivel.

The rest are usually stories about something some geek has done, which makes him her or it much much cooler than I. That's not what the article is about of course, never have I seen the headline "Geek makes self much cooler than Marty", but none the less, these stories make it very clear to me that, despite appearances to the contrary, my geek cred is sorely lacking.

There aren't very many things I've done that nobody's ever done before. What there are either nobody knows about or nobody cares about. Nothing groundshaking. Nothing world-changing. Nothing that would ever getting written up on slashdot.

My most stunning achievement of code-never-written-before? An SMTP server in moocode, complete with an in-db DNS client. Big fucking whoop. I believe there are two sites in existance in the world that use it.

The coolest generally-geeky thing I've done in the past year? Road trip to mojave. Like several hundred other geeks. And it wasn't even my idea.

Yeah, life definitely leaving a bit to be desired right now.
Tags: angst, book of marty
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