Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

17 Jan 14

Called doctor first thing after they opened. Got a call back an hour or so later, saying I should come in. Scheduled appointment, called in sick to work.

Went in. Doc apologized for not returning yesterday's call, but she didn't get it until they went checking after today's. Poked and prodded and said it was /probably/ a bacterial sinus infection. Prescribed antibiotics. Talked her into pain killers, tho they won't do full on narcotics for a headache, so I'm on tramadol. Wrote an order for a head CT to be used if things did not improve by Monday. I suggested we just do it anyway, today, for paranoia's sake, and she was okay with that. Went to the lab, was told they'd have to get auth from insurance and would call me, today or Monday. ::P Thru did not call today.

Not sure the tramadol is helping, but will five it time. Meanwhile, hoping it IS just an infection.

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