Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

20 Dec 13

Work progress hampered by trying to get tests passing and subsequently deciding I needed to undo some structural changes I'd made.

I finished reading Look to Windward on my kindle, then started on Excession, which is not available electronically, so I'm having to use my old dead tree copy. I am not liking it. It's weirdly, unpleasantly shaped, the weight is badly distributed, it smells funny, the black-on-yellowish screen is ugly and too small, I can't adjust the font size, and I think the backlight must be broken. I also couldn't figure out how to upload my current location to the cloud so I could resume in the same place later.

Only tangentially related, I came up with an extension of the spoons metaphor, using special or uncommon types of spoon and spoon-like-object, to explain why some things can't be done when others can. You can take a shower with almost any kind of spoon, while writing code requires this funny looking ladle-thing, and some kinds of spoon grow slower than others, or don't grow at all under certain conditions, etc. It needs some work.

I need more ladles.
Tags: daily
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