Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
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Orcas Island

So, I said I'd write up the trip.

A lot of OrcasNet is remote workers. The main office is on Orcas Island, and a handful of people work there, but many of the devs are scattered around. One's in CA, one's in ID, etc. Everybody gets together on the island for the xmas party. Much of the week was spent talking about what the company's done the past year, what we're working on now, what we're going to be doing in the future. Also discussing facilities.. The current office on the island is going to be sold, and we're buying a building in Ballard. People on the island will start WFH, and occasionally meeting at the Barn, which is where we were hanging out this past week. It's pretty nice.. awesome kitchen, big dining table, movie theatre, etc.

So, Tuesday Bill picks up the people flying in, and me, and we drive up to the island. Stopped in Anacortes for drinks while waiting for the ferry, ended up at Fridas, which was pretty good. Got to the island, drove to Bill's house, had dinner, then to the hotel to sleep. Next morning, those of us at the hotel went to Rose's for breakfast, then to the office, then to the barn. Lunch was back at Rose's again. Dinner was at Sazio di Notte, and very tasty. After that, crashing at the hotel. Next morning, breakfast at Mia's, which was good, but not as good at Rose's. Lunch was made at the barn by a local chef, and included lamb, which I did not care for, at a custard-type desert topped with quince jam. I didn't care for the custard but quite enjoyed the quince. Dinner that night was at Mijitas, where I had the best chile verde I've ever had. Then back to the barn for a game of Cards Against Humanity. loree arrived just after we finished the game, and we went back to the hotel. Friday morning, breakfast at Rose's again, a short morning at the office, then back to the hotel to get ready for the xmas party/dinner, which was at the Inn at Ship Bay. Food was excellent. After that, people went back to the barn to watch The Big Lebowski, but loree and I needed to get back to Seattle, so we went back to the hotel, packed up, chilled until it was time to head for the ferry, and came home.

Overall, a fun week. Tiring, and long, but definitely fun.
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