Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Procrastination and Toys

A problem with having an LJ client on Sedna that I can save entries in is that it's easy to start an entry with some notes about something I want to write, then save them off, and forget about it for a week.

I've been trying to find my camera. Can't find it anywhere. But it's old and I've been wanting a new one for a while anyway, so I started thinking about that...
Has to be at least 5megapixels. I'd prefer something that can accept the microdrive ('cause at 5mp highest-quality, 1gb is merely a decent amount of space). I'd /really/ like something with builtin bluetooth, so I can pull the data off with Sedna while the camera sits in it's charging dock. Oh yeah, and it needs a charging dock.

So, well, that led me to another idea... A CF card that looks like a memory card to whatever device it's plugged into (say, a camera?) but is really a bluetooth file-transfer client. You stick it into a computer with special software that knows it's not really storage, and pair it and configure it with where to put files, etc, then you stick it in the camera and whenever the camera saves to it, it actually sends it over bluetooth to your computer. Not useful for having the camera easily at hand at all times, but could be good for some use cases.

And I find a.. bug in my client (xjournal)... if I start an entry, save and edit it later.. it keeps the timestamp, so I can't post it if I've posted since I started it... but there's no way to CHANGE the date on it. So I copied everything to a new one. ::P
Tags: computers suck, inventions before their time
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