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Another reading.

So, the little set of i ching cards I bought come with a book that gives the descriptions of each hexagram and four layouts for doing readings. This is 'The star of inner evolution'. Quoth, "Lay five cards out in the shape of a star plus a sixth card at the center and turn them over one by one in the same order in which they were placed. The five cards will investigate the querient's inner evolutionary course, whereas the last one (center) will reveal his or her current state of mind and the point of arrival."
If you can explain wth THAT means, let me know.

31. Hsien
Influence (Wooing)

63. Chi Chi
After Completion

6. Sung

12. P'i
Standstill [Stagnation]

29. K'an
The Abysmal (Water)

24. Fu
Return (The Turning Point)

And yes, I wrote a script to generate the hexagrams. I did the layout by hand tho.
Tags: prognostication
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