Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

20 Nov 13

Feeling somewhat better, but not completely. Went to work. surface street commute seems to come out to just under an hour, even at 10am. ridiculous.

popped by Best Buy after work to poke at the Acer Aspire R7, which I'd had my eye on for a while. I did not like it. But I looked at the Dell XPS 18, which is verra nize. It's a 'portable desktop', but it has a battery and is very thin and light, so it's effectively an 18" tablet, and big-ass-tablet is exactly the sort of thing I've been wanting for /ages/. The Lenovo IdeaCentre 27 is also nice, and even bigger-asser, but quite a bit too heavy to use as a lap tablet (I mean, I can pick it up, but it would be uncomfortable).

Called Chase and asked them to raise the ridiculously-tiny $700 limit on my Amazon card. They bumped it to $1200. Well, that's enough to buy the XPS on, anyway. ::P

So, I went thru and reworked my shopping list, moving some things around, and came up with a plan: I will wait until black friday. If any of best buy, amazon, or apple have a sale on either the xps OR mbp retinas, I will either buy the xps or buy the replacement for fomalhaut, whichever is appropriate. If not, wait for cyber monday. Repeat. If monday has passed and neither item has gone on sale, I will buy myself the XPS, pay it off in a month or three, then work out when to buy the new macbook. Gods help me if it ends up being Best Buy. I'll be compelled to go down there and get one.

Relatedly (it's also on the shopping list), I will see if RubyMotion goes on sale for either of those days, and buy it if so. Otherwise, I will just buy it anyway, 'cause I'm tired of waiting for it to go on sale. I've only been waiting because I saw it go on sale once, before I'd decided to buy it.
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