Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

25 Sep 13

Went to Pike Place Market.
Got there around 10ish, and had breakfast at Lowell's, which was very tasty. Then wandered around for a while. Almost bought a dice bag identical to one I already own but in a different material, until I learned it was $30. Bought some candy. Tweeted some. Listened to an accordionist. Found a bag that beaq had been looking for; bought two. Bought 8 big pear-apples and 8 big honey crisp apples from a vendor who viciously attacked me with a free sample of the pear, /twice/, the bastard. They were really tasty. Took stuff to the car, then wandered some more. Popped into a shop called Little Shanghai and ended up buying a silk jacket. It fits amazingly well, is a very dark green on one side and a reddish orange on the other, but despite that actually looks pretty good on me. It was 20% off already, and when I waffled, the (distressingly young) salesgirl knocked another 10% off. 28% off isn't bad. Came out of that shop and was met by an ex-coworker (A), and we proceeded to Kell's for lunch. He told me the exciting tales of how things are going without me, including some surprising developments and some unsurprising ones. Denise arrived, A had to go back to work, Denise and I wandered past a few shops and through Sur La Table, where I picked up a jumbo muffin tin and something we both agreed Margo needed. Denise had to go back to work herself, I bought some food for loree and came home.

Ate an apple and a pear-apple, and some candy, and went to bed to read the interwebs.
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