Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

18 Sep 13

So, I got a call this morning about my new job. It wasn't anything surprising; they want to move forward. We're going to go with a two-calendar-month contract, starting 1 October, and converting - assuming everybody's still happy - on 1 December. It doesn't pay as well as my previous job, but it meets my 'comfortable minimum', instead of my 'bare minimum', and that's good enough. The company is Orcas Net. They do financial services software, and have a legacy application that they're working on rebuilding in Rails, and I'm their first "outside the family" hire in that direction. Small company, but it's been around for a long time. So it's stable, and focused on building rock solid software rather than growing at a maniacal startup pace. And I think I kinda dig that idea right now. It's a good alternative to both the slow-and-bureaucratic big companies AND the small 100-hours-a-week-is-normal startup scene, both of which I'm pretty tired of.

I'm going through RoosterPark, who put me with Moz originally. As usual, ScottRu and his team are awesome.

A couple interesting points:

First, another company I was talking to - which I was actually scheduled to have a second interview with tomorrow - was the other leading contender.. my second choice, as it were. They're called One to the World, and do web broadcast management software. The application is actually pretty cool and impressive. Upon hearing that I was taking a different position, their CEO has actually reached out to me to give them feedback on their process. I'm going to give him a call tomorrow for a little "it's not you, it's me" chat. Really, they were my second favorite option. I just /clicked/ so much better with the Orcas guys. Plus they gave the nod faster.

Second.. despite intending to start actively looking at the start of September, I never got around to that. Every job contact I've had this round has been inbound, rather than outbound. AND it only took a month and a half. Unlike last time I was looking for a job, when it took four months of fruitless outbound contacts. A definitive sign of the improved economy, I think. Plus a bit of "it's who you know", I suppose.

If you're looking for a job, or are thinking of looking for a job, I know a few recruiters who would probably be happy to talk to you. Ping me and I'll see who I should connect you up with.
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