Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

7 Sep 13

Planned to go to the Supermall, and the waste transfer station, and some other things I've forgotten about, but woke to find loree had gone to a concom meeting I didn't know about (she probably mentioned it at some point, but not recently enough for me to remember). Rather than torment the dogs, I stayed home.

Generated a new GPG key (0x01333D07AB4F2BE2 if you care), and poked around at things on the computers. Sarin is now the primary DNS server for Midgard Systems, and rigel is acting as a slave until things stop pointing at it or I shut it down. If you have a domain with any of my machines in the name server list, you probably want to email me so we can make sure you're using the right ones. If you USED to have a domain that used any of my machines as name servers and don't anymore, you should probably also contact me and let me know you don't need me seconding you anymore.

At this point, the only thing Rigel should still be doing is hosting one of my two on-site backup drives. I should move the drive to another machine. I'm also running backups to a drive on Oort /and/ to Dropbox on Oort, but it's good to have a separate machine, in case Oort goes offline for some reason. The more copies the better, and all that.

Next, I need to migrate Sightseer off Moshtari, to a newer, better, faster, more stable machine. And at that point, I will no longer be using any of those antique 1U servers.
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