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What a day

This morning, I was going to write an entry about the weather. Some people take their mood from the weather. I'm no exception - last summer almost killed me. the constant sun and bright and oh my god I was depressed and angry and irritable and quite unpleasant to be around. Then it clouded over and started raining and everything was happiness and joy - but, sometimes it seems to work the other way around. I was in a... well, a hard to define mood this morning. But after I went outside and was driving to work, I realized that the weather was perfectly mirroring my mood. Bright sun on me, and to the south. Dark clouds, downtown smothered in dimness but not quite foggy. Perfect.

Then I got to work. And shit's broken left and right. FR Master is dead, the bug I thought was causing us problems isn't what I thought it was, and I've got a wonderful bug about to deploy to production. Worked on fixing things. Made good progress. Then started to feel ill. Having a definite Bad Sushi Moment. Dunno if it's something I ate, or eating too much, or not eating enough, or what, but around 430ish I'm not great, and by 450 I /had/ to leave. I told dianthus I was going to bail on her, which I feel bad about. So, I don't think we're launching tonight. I told Rob to call me if he wanted to try to launch tonight anyway, I've got my work laptop, I can do what I need to do to launch. But I haven't heard from him, so I can only assume we'll go tomorrow. I'm disappointed.

Then, driving home, the /very instant/ I hit the west seattle bridge, it starts to rain. BIG FAT drops of water, falling in a heavy sprinkle. And it continues until I hit the traffic snarl waiting a quarter mile back from the intersection at 35th. But it helped my mood tremendously.

Got home, and had soop. Few things settle my stomach like soop. Fat and salt and meat-flavored water-product, with some pasta-like substance in it. I wish Costco/Sams would sell flats of chicken&rice or (better) chicken&stars the way they do chicken noodle. but, I cope. I'm feeling a lot better, tho still kinda eh.

And I'm watching tivo. I'm happy that Bravo is showing the newer West Wing now. I was watching The Dogs of War and was struck.. I don't think there's any other episode where President Bartlett looks so ... fragile as he does in this one, when he's puttering around Toby's office.
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