Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

2 Aug 13

9am phone screen with Whitepages. They want to continue forward.
1015 meeting with a friend recruiting at Real for a GameHouse group that sounds interesting. I need to apply formally.
1130 call with Scott about an interesting-sounding gig. He wants me to meet with relevant people who will apparently ask me how to do things I've never done. But, I can guess. I'm clever like that.
1200 lunch with a recruiter for BigDoor, hiring for a principal/architect role under the CTO.
Emailed someone dagard suggested, but we've managed to miss each others phone calls.

Now loree has gone off to her norwescon retreat.
I've taped down the new bedroom rugs (Joe's Sticky Stuff. We'll see how well it works).

Not really looking forward to jury duty on Monday.

edit: Got my list of vested Moz options today. I was surprised to discover that more than half of my options have vested. Downside is, I need almost $10k to buy them all. Might buy only some. Or, if I get a new job soon enough, might buy 'em all. We'll see.
Tags: daily
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