Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

29 Jul 13

Finished part of a project. Nearly finished another part of a project. Email client started complaining about being unable to connect at 3pm. Then noticed I wasn't in the company Github group anymore. Then got a call from the CTO to let me know I'm fired.

Subsequently, on twitter and facebook, people have been very supportive, which is greatly appreciated. Several have already started trying to find me something new. I'm not planning to start looking until tomorrow, at the earliest. I can afford a day or four to re-learn how to chill before spinning up the panic mode.

Details aren't particularly relevant. It'll just be a lot of he said/he said/he said, plus the severance agreement forbids me from discussing any of it with anybody except a very small list of people. In fact, it might forbid me from discussing what it forbids. But, there's only so much recursion I'm willing to allow for. Suffice it to say, if you ask me privately, I /absolutely will not/ tell you anything.

Went in for a quick exit interview and to pack up my stuff. Totally forgot about my chair, and took the wrong car. But, I have to go back to pick up a package being delivered Friday, and will get the chair then.

Not exactly how I'd've liked for my day to go, but there are some good points. I had been trying to figure out when I'd ever be able to take a vacation without having to worry that something would break or not get done. I don't have to walk across the urine-stench alleyway between buildings, or deal with downtown traffic for a while. I can work on reversing my burnout and hopefully give some side projects the attention they've been lacking.

dagard has kindly arranged a 'wake' for me, this Thursday, 6pm-ish, at the Alibi Room. I'm trying to figure out if I've ever been there. Not more than once, if so. You are encouraged to attend.
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