Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

24 Jul 13

Had a meeting with the great-grandboss today, which didn't clear up a lot - arguably made things more confused - but I didn't come out of wanting to look for a new job either so I'm calling it good. Went to the mall. I bought a teapot. Not the $200 teapot I wanted, but a $170 teapot that was 75% off. Almost bought the $200 one too, but didn't.

Shopping motherboards. I want to learn OpenNebula and OpenStack (for work), and I'd like to put together a pair of identical heavy lifters to run virtuals on. Why do motherboard manufacturers hate me and my preferred port selections? It's very hard to find dual-gigE motherboards outside of the really expensive server market. And most of the ones I'm finding are discontinued. What's left is still not cheap. So, figuring out the balance.
Tags: daily
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