Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I made myself sad

So I'm driving along.. some sort of large SUV or van, big sucker. And I'm holding a ferret. Small little thing, juvenile, female. Any of you who've dealt with ferrets know that trying to hold one while driving is probably not the best of ideas. She's very squirmy and wants to go play! But there's something wrong with her. So I'm trying to parallel park the big van-thing at the vet's. It takes several attempts, and lots of scrolling up and down the block. I finally get it parked, dinging up the back end of a porche. About 15 seconds /after/ I hit it, its alarm starts going off, kinda sad and pathetic. By this point, somehow negotiated while trying to park, I've paid the vet and expressed my concerns at him. Now that I can get out of the car I find him again and he shows me the box to put her in. I get confused and start asking what he's going to do to help her, and he informs me that he's only a vet during business hours and a magician the rest of the time. Turns out he's going to take her and she can be in his show. But, that's not what I want. He tells me she's old and only has about 9 months to live. I know! BUT FIX HER! But he won't. So I leave. I don't know if I got my money back from him.

Then I woke up.
Tags: dreams
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