Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

8 Jul 13

Up early to go to day one of Mozcon. Had a pretty good day for the most part. Left when my laptop battery was about dead to come home and get some more work done. Then was asked to delete some data from the production DB. So I did. Except, I screwed up, and deleted about twice as much as I meant to. Our DBA saved me from committing ritual suicide in front of the convention center tomorrow, which was very kind of him. We'll look at the deletes again tomorrow morning and see if we still feel like we want to do them. (I know what I did wrong, I just wish I'd realized it, y'know, BEFORE).

So, my overall day has been kinda shitty. But, I live.

Working on Taskomat again. I've got it displaying my tasks. Putting together editing now. If I get it to where I can create/delete/mark-completed/reorder, I'll launch it. Then I can worry about the fancy drag-and-drop reorganization logic I implemented so long ago.
Tags: daily
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