Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

7 Jul 13

slept until noon. made breakfast. dishes. internet. ksp. Decided I needed to make a list of the things I've been meaning to do that I've been letting slip, such as retiring Rigel finally. So, instead, I've been working on Taskomat. From scratch, for the fourth or fifth time. Using Rails 4, this time. Maybe I'll actually get something deployed this time.

loree's mom is using one of the remote Genie units to access our DirecTV. Apparently she thought the shows in the program list were left over or something from some previous use of that unit, and deleted all of our recorded shows, from both DVRs. So today both of us got to exercise our not-yelling skills. The only really annoying thing for /me/ is that I was three weeks behind on Defiance (and possibly Warehouse 13?). So now I have to go get them out of on-demand, and they expire in a month, instead of sticking around as long as I want.

Big picture, it's no thing. But it's still a pretty amazingly bad assumption to make.
Tags: daily
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