Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

5 Jul 13

Threw up last night, for unknown reasons. Stomach just felt queasy. Felt a bit better after, but not entirely. Slept in. Didn't eat breakfast, because stomach was still cranky and nothing appealed. Poked at work. Eventually realized I still hadn't eaten anything. Made tater tots. Poked at work more. Gave up on work. Played Kerbal Space Program. FINALLY managed to get a mapping probe into orbit around another planet. Ok, so it was an accident.. told the autopilot to set course for the outer moon, ended up in orbit around the sun. Whatever.

Went to Paddy Coyne's for dinner, then picked up shelving I'd ordered from Container Store, then Costco. Just got home and unloaded the car. very very tired. Not feeling well at all. Le sigh.

Trying to decide if I'll bother putting the shelves together tonight or not.
Tags: daily
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