Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

2 Jul 13

Got in to work and my boss immediately asked to talk to me. He'd heard about friday's phone call and wanted to, I suppose, clarify things from both sides. Apparently my - let's be kind and and say - curmudgeonly tone has not communicated well with some people, who got the impression I may be unhappy with my job. I admit, I am not entirely /happy/ with my job /all/ the time. Who is? It's been a particularly stressful past few months, and it's not going to let up for a while yet, and we're all kinda cranky. But, I still love the company, love the people I work with, and wouldn't leave without some /serious/ incentive. Retiring-next-year type incentive. I suspect part of this MAY be because a lot of people see my facebook posts, which are just my twitter posts without replies in them, and facebook is terrible at showing you everything. So people see part of what I'm saying ("I replied to the recruiter") and not the rest of the context ("let's see how terrible her response is"). So I'm pondering turning off twitter->facebook crossposts. I'd keep the lj posts going there, and probably start sending them to twitter as well, but that would probably be the only thing I ever post to facebook.

We also briefly discussed the idea that having several projects with just one person responsible for them tends to lead to those projects getting blamed more heavily for problems.

Went back to my desk, implemented a new db migration, model, manipulator, api, and client model for another team's data store, then diagnosed a performance problem with a set of tests. An hour or two of diagnosis, one line to fix it all. Whee.

Came home, watched Under the Dome with loree, assembled a shelf - those missing parts finally arrived - poked at the internet, played a little Kerbal Space Program. Now catching up on some podcasts before bed.

Oh, I discovered a service called Bitcasa. $100/y gets you "unlimited" storage, and it will mount to your desktop like a drive. It's not a sync like Dropbox, it doesn't keep all the files locally, tho it does cache things locally. I uploaded some video to test, and was able to watch them back streaming over the internet. I'm thinking this might work as a mechanism for making my movie collection available without having to keep a bunch of non-redundant hard drives online. Will give it a go and let you know how it works out.
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