Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

30 Jun 13

Dying of hot. Made breakfast. Poked at internet. Rewrote the backend for my movie-planning app because Southcenter disappeared from BoxOfficeMojo's data. Added a Google Movies backend. Ended up going to White House Down at 5, and Now You See Me at 750. Both were good. White House Down was /much/ better than I expected, with some good tear jerker moments, AND the plot was actually MORE believable than Olympus Has Fallen. Now You See Me was /mostly/ what I was expecting, tho I admit I was totally blindsided by the twist.

Now home. Just read gReader for the last time. Going thru and removing my account from the various devices set up to read it. I think I'm switching to Feed Wrangler for now. The lack of normal 'groups' is a bit annoying, and the 'smart feeds' are going to be somewhat annoying to set up, BUT they have an API. I'll get set up with that, and write myself an app to recreate my groups as smart feeds for me. Because that's how I roll. Meanwhile, using other apps than Reeder, until it gets updated.

Probably putting the AC in the bedroom tonight.
Tags: daily
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