Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

28 Jun 13

Woke to stabbing face pain. yay. Fighting with Travis. Test fails, fix the test, run the test locally, push, travis runs, fails, lather rinse repeat. The best one was when, in the time between when I rebased, pushed to travis, got a failure, fixed it, and repushed, and got travis green, someone else had merged a conflict, so I got to go thru a whole extra cycle just to clear the merge conflicts. AWESOME. Did I mention each cycle takes about an hour? The test suite keeps getting slower and slower. It's about half an hour on Travis now. Faster locally, because I'm not doing as many permutations.

Had to take more drugs and lay down midday, as the pain got rather intense.

Got up shortly before I got a call from our CTO (my grandboss). I wasn't completely clear whether people have been complaining about /my/ stuff in particular and he's following up with me, or if people have been complaining about everything and he's following up with everybody. But apparently things I designed and wrote /18 months ago/ don't work the way people want them to work today, and that's my fault, I guess? Whatever. We're going to have a meeting some time next week to enumerate the codebases I'm responsible for, who is going to start learning them to be my backup, and just how many of them I can /actually/ maintain simultaneously while still fielding tickets in other systems.


edit: Why does it always seem to happen that I have a bad work day that also makes my workplace look bad /right/ as I'm trying to hard-sell someone on coming to work wherever I am?
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