Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

5 Jun 13

This is getting rather tedious, isn't it?

ok, let's see...maybe more detail will be more interesting, instead of more tedious..
Got another cheer on tinypulse. That makes two in one week, which makes me wonder if they're drugging the water or something. Left early to go to the dentist. Got the overlay seated on #18. With the temp it had been sensitive to pressure, and the process of seating, testing, and cementing the permanent was amazingly unpleasant. Literally stunning amounts of pain. I discovered a new upper boundary to how much pain I can imagine. I did not think I could do that anymore without massive physical trauma*. Normally this sort of thing doesn't need anesthetic, but Dr Tarr asked a couple of times if I wanted it, since it was hurting. I said no. In fact, I said "Let's stick with no, and regret it later.". I did. BUT, now that it's calmed down, it doesn't hurt AND I don't have any lingering pain from having needles jabbed into me either. So, on balance, the right choice. large doses of NSAIDs and time have taken care of the residual pain, tho it's still really cold sensitive. On the plus side, I now have symmetrical gold teeth.***

Came home by way of the grocery store, poked at work until I couldn't understand my own code anymore, and have since been vegetating at the internet.

* quick precis for those too new to know: in late 99/early 00, I came down with something called polymyositis, which basically meant that my immune system started attacking and destroying my muscular system. It went from pain to massive pain to an inability to stand up from a sitting position in a few months. I took so much vicodin that it no longer has any effect on me. Lucked out, found the right doctor, got repaired, have been off all drugs to treat it for many years now. But, the net result has been a really skewed pain threshold. On the ill-defined and subjective 1-10 scale, my 4s are most people's 9s. It actually makes it difficult to communicate pain issues to some doctors, because when I say "oh, it's a 4.", they don't think "but he still /has/ all his appendages", they think "that must be uncomfortable.". But, generally, it's fine. Today, however, I think I hit a personal subjective 12.**

** craniocentic pain is, of course, one of the worst possible kinds. Tooth pain is subjectively amplified well beyond the actual trauma.

*** I grind my teeth. Almost constantly. So overlays/crowns on the hindmost molars need to be more durable than the rest. Since I can't yet get Thompson's Teeth, gold it is. Or some alloy, presumably.
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