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Got home around 410ish, went to bed around 425ish. Was woken by the phone around 730ish. Woke up, grabbed the phone, heard people talking, thought "ok, random's got it", and hung up. Zzzzz. Got up, went to the bathroom, and randomdreams comes down to say loree's been in an accident on 99 and do I want to come along. :blink. buh. uh. "Give me thirty seconds".

We drive out there, talk to the medic, he tells us where they're taking her, talk to the cop, he tells us the axle is broken and where they're having it towed. We head off to the hospital and discover we were told the wrong hospital (swedish was diverting to providence). Find providence (I could not for the life of me remember how to get to it), go inside and wait. See loree for a few seconds before they wheel her off to xray. Random went home to get my glasses and some things, gets back a little before loree comes wandering out. Take her to Denny's for breakfast, then to the towing place to empty out the car, then to Honda to see if they have any hybrids (I could have SWORN I heard they were coming out with a hybrid CRV). Then to Toyota, just for the hell of it. They happened, by some random coincidence, to have a used 2004 prius on the lot that had been aquired at an auction. We drove it, we liked it, she bought it. It's not the perfect color (driftwood pearl), and it doesn't have the ultra-cool pushbutton doorlocks. But, it didn't have a 9-month waitlist.

And now it's 524pm and I'm awake and operating on less than 3 hours sleep. And aside from my sense of humor being even more childishly simplistic than usual, I seem to be doing ok.

I'm going to regret this tomorrow.
Tags: car, loree
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