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Well, that was fun. Oh yes. Fun.

Woke up this morning and decided I really wanted to bail on all my plans for the day. Just DID NOT want to get up. But, I said I would. ok, fine.

Get up. Post about the dream of robot games. Go to Burien to get more CO2 so I can have soda to drink. Call dianthus to tell her I'm on my way. Evade I-5 'cause it's parking. Evade 405 'cause it's basically closed. Get there a touch after noon. Brown Bag for brunch. Mmmm. Then to the company picnic. Got turned around a couple times getting there, but got there.
Didn't ride any rides. Got my tshirt, in XL 'cause they had L and XL. ::P Got some food. Potato salad was crap. Hot dogs were good. Talked with some people.
Left, and it started bucketing down rain JUST as we're pulling out of the farm. That was happymaking.
Took dianthus home so she could go to gaming, stopped at dustin_00's to get software for gement (Thanks, D). Came home. Showered, 'cause I'd neglected to in the morning. Spiked my hair. Went and got McD's for loree. Ate. Grabbed a map and random Stuff and headed north for ladyallyn's birthday party. Found it with no real problems (and loree's help 'cause she looked up the ICBM address for me so I knew I was heading the right way). Stood around looking at a lot of people I didn't know. Finally saw ladyallyn, said hi, and continued standing around. Finally started paying attention to the starting Dragon Hunt, then wandered the woods for a while.

Now, let me just say... Someday, I want a forest in my back yard.
I don't really like forests, conceptually, 'cause they're full of things. Like animals and - more importantly - bugs. But, when I'm actually around one, I like it, 'cause they're cool, and relaxing, and generally nice. Plus, everywhere ELSE has bugs too. So, backyard forest. With the waterfall, and the stream, and the fish.

Hung around the fire until it was time to put it out, listened to people talk, contributed more than I expected to. Went inside, met other people, met a cat (ooh so cute. liked me, too), then decided - being midnight - I should go home.

I just got home.
The intervening time was spent in /conversation/, you dirty minded freaks.
So, it's now 422am, and I'm in a very good mood.

But, now I'm going to go shoot up then fall down.
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