Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

20 Mar 13

Doing this early, since I'll likely be busy the rest of the evening.

So, I bought an iPhone 5 this past weekend, to replace my iPod Touch, because the iPhone has features the iPod doesn't, and various other reasons. You can't set up an iPhone without a sim in it. How stupid. So, we got t-mobile to mail us a nano sim, which is what it needs.

Now, I bought the iPhone 5 /now/, instead of waiting for the sure-to-be-soon 5S, because it was said that 6.1.3 defeated the currently available jailbreaks, and I didn't want to be without the jailbreaks (since they're kinda central to my usage).

Unfortunately, between when I bought the phone, and when the nano sim arrived (today), Apple released 6.1.3. And then I discovered (because I couldn't tell before, you see) that the phone has 6.0.1 installed. I can't restore from the backup of the iPod, because that's off 6.1.2, and I can't upgrade because then I can't jailbreak. And you can't install a previous version (say, 6.1.2) once a newer version is released, without jumping thru various hoops AND having previously installed that version on that device.

So, a) I have to manually set up everything that would have just magically transferred over from the iPod backup and b) I can't upgrade the iPhone until a new jailbreak is released. So I'm a little annoyed by circumstances and timing.
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