Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

17 Mar 13

Bought myself an unlocked iPhone 5, only to get home and discover I can't even sync data until I put a sim card in it. Woulda been nice if they'd've mentioned that. I'd've tried to borrow one from the t-mo store. Cheesecake factory for lunch. Got home and loree called T-Mobile to convert our accounts over.. The idiot got thru it, then transferred us over to activation to add a third line, because he didn't bother to ask how we needed to get the third line set up (we need a nano sim card). By the time we got transferred back, his department was closed. Grr.

Also, I ordered myself the lego super star destroyer. Other than the things sitting in my Amazon cart that I'm trickle-ordering as Chase manages to process payments (they've posted a bunch of purchases and a payment, but are still showing the old balance with the post-purchases-pre-payment credit-remaining. Jackasses.), I think I'm done with the expenditures for now. The remainder of the windfall will go into storage, and later probably be used for a new back door and/or a new laptop.

Does anybody need or want a used 5th gen iPod Touch? It's new enough, I'd probably want to sell it rather than give it away. Dunno how much tho.
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