Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Dreaming Games

So, while waking up this morning I designed a game. It's of the same style as Age of Empires and the like. A civilization of computers and robots has sent out a colony - they're just expanding as civilizations are wont to do. A prefab colony station gets airdropped or something in the middle of nowhere, complete with a central computer and a collection of robots - presumably volunteers. There are different kinds of robots, each good at different things: you've got robots who are good at hauling bulk resources (concrete, ores, trees, whatever), ones who are good at excavation and forming concrete (builders), etc. Eventually a pipeline gets built to another station (perhaps the pipeline comes first and grows the station), and materials can be transfered thru it; so if you can't get what you need to make concrete for example, you can get it from the others - presumably if you have something to send back, 'cause why support an outpost that isn't going to help the civ as a whole? The robots need power, of course, and have to come back to an appropriate building to get it if they can't get enough from the sun (man, those arctic bases will suck), and will just shut down if they run out, so you'll need some kind of bot who can take them emergency power.

this is about where I woke up, somebody can take it from there.
Tags: idea man
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