Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

12 Mar 13

Stayed up until 1ish working on the new blog. Woke up at 8, went back to sleep until a charity called at 930. Went to work. Got very little done on what I was trying to work on, because of lots of other things. Ducks, nibbling, you get the idea. Came home by way of QFC, where I bought pocket bread and sandwich fixings. Made a sandwich, which was quite good and proved the concept sound. Worked on blog more. Can now post! Need to make the cookies a tiny bit more secure, integrate comments, then I think I can call it done. (Except I'm currently working on pagination). loree and I went to Stanford's for dinner. The brisket is quite good, if inadequately portioned. And I got Cold Stone. Cake Batter Icecream + yellow cake + heath + twix + almonds. Nom.

Back to code.
Tags: daily
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