Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

5 Feb 13

Worked out what was left on my current project at work, realized I was making good time... and then was told to prioritize some other things ahead of it. Made fun of my boss during standup for this. "You look productive! Do something else!" But, it's a good idea, and only a minor, brief diversion.

Got the parts for the new Oort. Put it together. Won't boot. Turns on, which is better than Hebe. It just freezes part way into the boot. I think it's a kernel thing. I managed to get into rescue eventually and am upgrading from Hardy to Lucid. Thence to Pangolin. We'll see if the newer kernels can cope with the hex-core AMD FX any better.

Oh, and the new Oort has streetglow. The PSU I bought has an led-lit fan, which is pointed down out of the bottom of the case. I'm going to leave it on, of course.
Tags: daily
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