Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

29 Jan 13

Haven't slept as much as I'd've liked. But, got a fair amount in.

Got the internet working again. The T1 router lost its mind and its config for some reason - best suspect is a remote update that fucked up - and forgot a) what it's WAN address was, and b) not to serve DHCP. The Megapath techs who looked at the ticket and said the line was fine very helpfully didn't bother to check the TCP layer and make sure things could be pinged. On the other hand, given that, there's probably no way they could have fixed it remotely. In the end, they gave me the admin password (tho, it turned out to have been reset to default) and I telnet'd in and fixed it, with the help of one of their techs. Took a few tries with WAN settings before we got it right. Now, all is well. It's configured, password is set again, and NOW I HAVE THE PASSWORD. loree has called and opened a ticket to get our SLA refund. 132h 20m 9s of downtime, almost 18% of the month. On a business line that should have 99.999% uptime.

Most of my photos from the Africa trip are uploading to flickr now. I've got a few more that still need to be transferred, mostly those from my phone, plus we need to have the underwater cameras developed. But it's a start.

Sleep again soon.

* Is there a way to do sartalics
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