Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

give it a spin... is finally ready for beta.

It doesn't send any notification emails yet, but it will attempt to auto-assign 'beds' every 10 minutes or so. If you're feeling bored, please sign up (use an invitotron URL if you have one, so it can link to your invitotron data), and create some requests. You can create multiple requests that overlap, if you like, tho even better is if multiple people create multiple overlapping requests.

You should be able to edit your user data (name, email, password, zipcode), but not see everybody's. You should only see your requests, and not other people. You shouldn't be able to see your priority ranking (it assigns a pseudorandom 'priority' value, based on zipcode and rand(), in order to resolve conflicts in overlapping schedules). You /should/ be able to see the 'bed' your requests have been assigned to within ten minutes of making the request (actually, after the next %10 minute). When a bed has been assigned, you should be able to see the comfort and capacity ratings for that bed. If you change the number of persons in a request, you may - depending on the changes - see the bed change (for example, the guest rooms officially hold 2 people each, the living room floor holds 10, and the couch holds 1). I don't want to deal with the datastructures involved in spreading a request across multiple beds, so - for example - a large party won't get spread across the three 'beds' in the sunroom (lovesac, harem pit pillows, floor), it'll just get assigned to the largest party capable of holding it. If the party is too big for any beds, it won't get a bed assigned (or, rather, it'll get the 0-bed, 'none').

OH! And don't log out unless you change your password. Since there are no emails being sent yet, it won't send you your password. If you log out, you won't be able to log back in.

Mail me if you find any bugs or have any suggestions or comments.
Tags: administrivia, websites
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