Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

23 Dec 12

Went and got the hot tub working. Turned out, all I needed to do was turn it on. I took the panel off, but it didn't do the blinking power light thing again. So.

Then loree and I went to Chelan for breakfast, then Costco, where we spent too much money, then Kau Kau, where we might've spent too much money. Got a bunch of booze for the party, and various other things for us, plus 7lbs of roast side pork and two roast ducks.

Came home, unloaded the car. Then I went out to the liquor store, because Costco doesn't carry some of the things I wanted. Ended up at the place in the Junction under the QFC. Wow, I love that place. They've got everything. They have Grape Pucker! IT'S BEEN DISCONTINUED. And they have Nemiroff Honey-Pepper Vodka. Aaaannnd they had a bunch of other interesting stuff and I sorta spent $868. After tax, mind you, but... yeah.

Then Loree disassembled the ducks while I ground up the pork. Then I ground the duck. We have.... a huge amount of ground meat sitting in the fridge now. Tomorrow, I will make chili with it. One pork, one dork. We'll see how it goes.
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