Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

12 Dec 12

I just lost this post, because my client crashed. Suck.

work: worky
dinner: pizza
something else: I forgot

Then julzerator dropped by to pick up some things she'd had shipped via me, and gave us a Terry Turtle. I do not recommend clicking thru. I need to buy more.

edit: AH! I recovered the draft:

I dunno, work stuff? Slow progress on tests.

Home-made pizza for dinner. was okay. used too much cheese and not enough meat.

I'm poking at clearing out the hall closet, because I want to move the folding chairs in there. Unfortunately, it currently contains a lot of loree's winter wardrobe, as well as various costumes. I've just finished deconstructing the Flying Spaghetti Monster costume. That's a /lot/ of rope. Also, I need to put a coat rack in the study to hang my robe on.
Tags: daily
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