Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

20 Nov 12

Posting early, 'cause I felt like it.

BAD night last night for hives. Was getting up every couple hours to spend a few delightful minutes with a hair brush and take more doxepin.
Today has been mostly fine as far as itching, tho I'm /covered/ in the damned hives.

Got very little done on my current project at work, because I spent so much of the day dealing with other issues. I pointed out to my PM that this is what I meant when I said a half day estimate wasn't a half day of time. So far I've gotten maybe 3/4 of a day of work done in the past 3 business days. Ah well.

After work, I went to Fry's, to investigate options for a project I have in mind. I was, as usual, completely disappointed. So as not to have wasted a 45 minute drive, I bought Halo Reach and Halo 4. 4 was the same price as on Amazon, and Reach only a few dollars more, so I figured why not.

Now I'm making soup. But from a frozen slab from cash'n'carry, not from scratch. Tho, of course, I'll modify the hell out of it.

Oh.. and you should all take this very narrow opportunity to go buy into Star Citizen if you haven't yet. They've extended a grace period thru the weekend because there were some problems on their site. This game looks /really/ exciting. As in, it's the only mmorpg I've ever been especially interested in. Plus, I'll be starting with two ships, one of which can take four crew. It would be nice to have friends to play with, is what I'm saying.

And there's my alarm to make another Kiva loan. 'scuse me.
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