Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

3 Nov 12

Breakfast at Chelan, then Bed Bath and Beyond. Bought a new shower seat, since the crappy old one we had finally failed and loree's knee is still screwed up. This one is nice, and solid.

Came home just in time for the Comcast tech to show up. First thing he did was replace the line coming in from the pole. He also replaced the modem (again), just to be extra sure. So far, no problems. No recurrence of sawtooth pingtimes. Worst I've seen so far were a few single spikes of ~1s. For the past 6 hours, our average ping is 77ms. I've managed to catch up on half of my hulu queue already.

Need to go to the pharm tomorrow and get more doxepin. I ordered a refill, but it's too soon for the insurance to pay for it, but the stuff is cheap.
Tags: daily
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