Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

1 Nov 12

Forgot about a halloween party yesterday. Oh well.

Went to work, got a little done, then had a team offsite. Lunch at Bahama Breeze, then go-carting. My arms are very sore. My kingdom for power steering.

Walgreens has not yet refilled my Lantus. I ran out just now. They weren't going to refill it for another four days. I've... corrected them. Won't be available until 10am tho. Grr.

I bought a little 3.5oz espresso cup to use with the Keurig (had I mentioned we picked one up at costco?) and hot chocolate. Found out the hard way that it's only 3.0oz. The Keurig's smallest setting is 3 1/4, y'see.

Itchy. It's unpleasant.

Oh, and I read Dune, finally. In two days, which is pretty good for me and a book.
Tags: daily
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