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Sunday, I went driving around to music stores, trying to buy one disc by Soul Coughing and one disc by Vertical Horizon. I got two Soul Coughing, one BNL, one Soul II Soul, one Audioslave, and one Beautiful South. No VH - I found stuff by them, but not what I wanted. Went to two music stores, best buy, and Fry's. Oy.

Driving across I90 at unreasonable velocities, I've got SC's Irresistible Bliss in, and Soundtrack to Mary comes on, a song I'd forgotten I liked. And I decided I needed to post the following. Think of those soundtracks that are mostly intrumentals composed for the movie, plus a few popular songs thrown in 'cause otherwise nobody'll buy the CD of the soundtrack. Then the questions will make sense.

Poll #329951 Soundtrack to Marty

What is the title of the disc?

Who was the composer for the instrumental tracks?

What famous musician contributed some of their talent, in order to get people to buy the otherwise-unsellable sountrack?

What songs did they contribute?

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