Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

10 Oct 12

Spent most of the day in something of a drugged out stupor. Slept until 11, tried to get some work done.

Eventually, went to Storables to pick up shelving to put Vela on, and dropped by the office to pick up Vega's case.. Got the shelf put together, but when I went to assemble Vega, I discovered that the motherboard I'd bought takes a DC power input OR a two-pin input from the power supply. Sooo.. I ordered a new one. And new ram, because nothing that takes an ATX power connection takes SODIMMs, apparently. So, I've got a motherboard an ram I have no need of, and I can't return the motherboard, since I opened the box. Guess I'll have to find a use for it some day. Maybe buy a slim case and a power supply, low end cpu, use it for.... something.

Annoying, because this was the only dual-lan mini-itx motherboard I could find. Frustrating.
Tags: daily
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