Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

8 Oct 12

Went to see the allergist today.
Took no antihistamines before bed. Took none when I got up. So, of course, no hives today. As I commented to her, "You know how when you take your car to the mechanic, you want it to make that noise?"..

She consulted notes from the last time I saw an allergist, in 2008. Confirmed there's no value in testing while the hives are happening over the previous. It's definitely autoimmune, and while it might be /possible/ to figure out what thing or things /trigger/ it to start up, there's really nothing realistic to be done other than treat the hives themselves. So, try the script-strength antihistamines my doctor just prescribed, add in the OTC stuff if it helps. Check in with her in a month, or sooner if it's Just Not Working, and we can talk about trying ciclosporin. Oh, yay, so I get to choose between wanting to claw my skin off or catching every bug that walks in the door?

Been cleaning this evening. Listening to Diamond Age, bemoaning the lack of a proper Primer, and cleaning. Got the dining room table mostly cleared. I need to move Vela somewhere else, so I can set up the badge printer in a week and start churning out steamcon badges... it just occurred to me I don't have the badge designs yet. Oy. Ok, fine, don't panic. I've got... some time.

I really do not feel ready for steamcon. or anything else, for that matter. I need enough money to pay people to deal with crap for me so I can spend my time worrying about the things that worry me. And maybe paying people to fix them. Bother.
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