Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

25 Sep 12

A UPS blew up this morning. There was a flash of light, a loud pop and sizzling noise, and the magic smoke came out. The UPS stayed on, however, as did the computer connected to it. Turned it off. Turned it on again when I came home, and it gave the continuous-tone of a self-test failure.

Went to work. Set up my new desk. It's actually a nice little space. They're talking about getting me a curtain. If I get a second for the other side, I'll have a private office. Got some things done. Found some things I needed to do that I didn't realize. At once point had three different people trying to get their services working simultaneously and asking me why they weren't.

Came home. Went to Terrible Beauty for dinner, because I had a craving for their stew. Waiter didn't ask if I wanted a refill on my soda until I was asking for the check. He did not get a good tip.

Did I mention the Cool Chair is being delivered on Saturday? And that we started disassembling the door to the sunroom on sunday? I'm going to have to take a saw to it to open it up enough to get the chair through, tho. After that, we'll probably wait to get the rest out until we get the front door replaced, and get the inner door module replaced at the same time. (It's clearly one of those drop-in replacements.. frame and doors as one unit, drop it in place, nail it to the wall, put trim around it, done.)
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