Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

24 Sep 12

Spent the day fighting with two broken things. First.. I'm using ActiveRecord in a Sinatra app. If mysql drops the db connection because it's idle, which happens after 8 hours, iirc, then the app will throw an error the first time you hit it, then work after that. I dug down into the code and finally found that, which is supposed to return false if the connection has dropped, is falsely returning true. If I manually run .clear_cache!, which wipes the prepared-statement cache, then .active? returns the correct value, and everything works perfectly. WTF? So, for now, I'm just clearing the cache every single damned hit. Lame.
Second, tests that I've been trying to get to pass for four business days. Finally got down to only one failing, and gave up. For now, anyway.

Got HD ripping working on Vela.. Both HD-DVD and BluRay are now ripping. Slowly. Very very slowly.

Went to Olive Garden for dinner, because I was craving chicken scampi. Was tasty.

loree started describing what she wants for the next part of the norwescon ConMan work, because she doesn't like me having free time or sanity, apparently.
Tags: daily
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