Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

11 Sep 12

The hives are back. Took a couple of Benadryl this morning, damn near took a nap on the drive in. I don't think that's gonna work out in the long run. I located the leftover Doxepin. So, if I seem disinterested and apathetic for the next couple months, that'll be why. Enjoy!

Workwise, made progress on my project. Had a meeting about the requirements for another part, which will add a week or two of work. Had another meeting about a non-work project that's something a coworker and I separately decided we wanted to implement. He finished saying he'd probably take a stab at prototyping some of it tonight. I'm interested to see what the result is.

I spent some time reorganizing my finances.. I signed up with Simple, in something of a for-the-hell-of-it kinda way. I've decided to use it to manage my scheduled-but-irregular spending.. amazon pre-orders, Quarterly, domain renewals, etc. Set up automatic transfers for the monthly average of the scheduled ones ($25/mo for quarterly, since I subscribed to three people, and $35/mo for domains, because I own a stupid number of domains), and will do one-off transfers as needed when I pre-order things from Amazon more than a couple of weeks out (it all gets put on my Amazon card, but I want to make sure I have the money to pay it off when it comes out). I added an extra $50/mo in, just to create a buffer and minimize the number of extra manual transfers I have to do.
We'll see if this helps me manage better or not.

Oh, in a tangentially amusing note.. I tweeted about this, but don't think I posted here.. I got an invitation to apply for a credit card the other day, which is not unusual, but it was for a Visa Black Card. It is, in fact, black. Which would make a nice counterpoint to the white Simple card. I'd apply for it just on that basis.. Except.. it's 19.99% variable, AND it's a $495 annual fee. Apparently it comes with all sorts of concierge services and such, but holy cow is that not worth it to .. really, anyone sane. Or, at least, anyone who isn't going to be using those add-on services /constantly/. Crazy. I'm still tempted to apply for a BECU credit card, just because it's purple.

edit: Just added an 'Accounts Receivable' sheet to the household budget, because I tend to forget who owes me money. Or that I lent them money in the first place. Or where the money I lent them went, then I wonder how I managed to overspend by huge amounts, until I finally realize, months later, "oh, yeah, I sent it to so-and-so".. sooo.. yeah. gonna keep track of that now.
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