Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

3 Aug 12

Got some things finished for work, which is good.

Ordered some things from Amazon. A set of heavy-duty cardboard boxes the right size for storing laserdiscs, so I can get those moved to storage, and a large lamp to put in the library, over the new chair, mainly to illuminate the gaming table.

Went to home depot for wall-mount plant hooks to hang lanterns from in the Study, then stopped at By's for a burger for me, and Taco Del Mar for things for loree and her mom. Came home and installed two of the hooks, and got the lanterns hung. They're not remotely enough to actually light the room; not unless I get 40 or so more of them, but they're pretty.

I was going to post a new photo of where things are at, but my iphoto library appears to be fucked up.. It says the full size files are missing for a lot of things, and if this is true I will be /quite/ upset.
Tags: daily
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