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Well, shit.

My universe just collapsed to a singularity. Ok, maybe that's being melodramatic. But it DID shrink considerably, quickly, and hard.

I'm reading a dream jwz had about eyes, and it links to a comic. I click thru to the comic. It's a list of the covers. Ok, click issue 2, since that's the one jwz referenced. It's a 404 page. From Laughing Squid. I have a sticker, with their logo on it, on the metal briefcase I carry Hadron (my old laptop) around in. I found that sticker on the floor, in a hallway, in a hotel, in San Diego, in July 2001.

The only thing keeping me from insisting this is a collapse to singularity is the fact that I was in that hotel for oscon. Still, hell of a slap in the face, that.

Maybe I'm just abnormally vulnerable to such things while hating my life.
Tags: small world, the universe loves me
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